Scareland Stadium

  • Skylands Stadium Augusta
  • Frankford, NJ
  • 973-450-1073
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New Jersey’s newest haunted attraction, an eerie baseball stadium in Augusta, offers bone-chilling terror. Baseball recruits (that’s you) are welcome to come and meet the evil team owner, sadistic coaches and demonic players.

The baseball team at “Scareland Stadium” in Augusta has a problem. Its players keep turning up missing and its owners are having trouble keeping players in the draft. This Halloween season, the stadium has issued a call for “open tryouts.” Come any weekend in October, and meet the terrifying coaches, evil team owner and a field full of demonic zombie players, with more terrifying curveballs in store.

Scareland Stadium is 25 minutes of pure unadulterated fear and unrivaled terror. At Scareland, you are part of the attraction. Experience the draft pick as if you were a real rookie player, and come face to face with the twisted ballpark coaches who will be taking you through the tryout process. This attraction will literally drive you batty. If you are a little bit scared of zombies, this one-of-a-kind baseball team will ensure that you become VERY scared of zombies. The locals call it Skylands Stadium, but it’s really SCAREland Stadium. Everyone who’s been scouted and drafted has disappeared. Will you be next?” Email Haunt Owner
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  • Great time- awesome Haunt

    We had a blast! We are always looking for new ways to have fun - this was great. I loved the whole baseball theme in an actual stadium. There were zombies popping out of everywhere and the actors were so attentive to everyone. They would go hard to people they sensed wanted a good scare and would take it down for those who were a bit more timid. I really appreciate that. It was a great night.

    Posted 10/28/14

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  • Great acting and full of surprises!

    Scareland stadium was better than I expected it to be!! The acting was creepy and awesome, they really got us involved in the whole draft aspect of the attraction. I would have liked to have seen more zombies in the waiting area but I can't complain because we only waited 5 minutes to get in. It was jumpy and filled with surprises, definitely not predictable... I thought people were real that were fake and fake that were real!!! I really enjoyed it! Thanks for a great haunt!!

    Posted 10/28/14

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  • Could've been better ~ but I expected worse.

    I took my 10 yr old son and his friend to Scareland Stadium Saturday night around 8pm. It was fairly empty and we didn't have the highest expectations. We had a great time. The place is quiet but that meant that the actors could spend extra time scaring the kids! We weren't rushed, crowded, pushed or moved like cattle on top of each other. Definitely a good time for the younger kids. They could use some work...mood setting music, actors, or scares before entering but I was pleasently surprised. I would go again just to hear the kids scream at the great acting!

    Posted 10/25/14

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    Arrived at 9 pm on Saturday night. No line at ticket booth. I should have known something was wrong at that point. Got inside and about 50 people waiting. No decorations, sounds or actors to keep people in line amused while waiting. Only let groups of about 8 through at a time. The attraction claims 25 minute haunt, it took less than 15. The sets and make up were amateur at best. The only people that would give this a 5 pumpkin review must work there. I was really looking forward to this and left very disappointed.

    Posted 10/19/14

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  • Location change huge disappointment

    We were a huge fan of State Scare in Belleville and were disappointed to hear that it had moved but because we loved the Belleville attraction we decided to huff it all the way up to Augusta 1 1/2 hour drive. When we arrive we were not greeted by the ghouls that we were used to in Belleville, just some security guards leading us down toward the field (boring). Once on the field it was a maze of completely unscary, unentertaining props. Tha actors were trying hard but with the meager set and props it wasn't working. Don't waste your time. It makes me sad to write this as I know how good it used to be.

    Posted 10/11/14

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  • Scary but fun!

    So a little bit of background, I was terrified about going into a haunted house (my last experience had been really bad). But even though this was definitely scary, it was also a lot of fun. You never feel claustrophobic and you can stick with your group which was a big deal for me. The actors react differently according to your reactions which was fun. They do get close but they don't grab you. If you get scared when they get close, just talk to their face- it'll help you calm down. There is a lot of jump scares but you could kind of predict them if you were paying attention. Also at the very end my friends and I got chased by a guy but it was right where we could see the exit so it wasn't scary, just exhilarating. I had a lot of fun, a lot more than I was expecting to have!

    Posted 10/27/13

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  • This place is crazy

    I go to all the area haunts with my friends and every year State Scare is the best. It is like being inside a nightmare. We went opening weekend last saturday, and it is the best year yet. There is so much detail in each room, the props are real, very old and very spooky. The monsters in each room really know how to scare you, not just jump out at you scares, but by being very creepy too. And the makeup and costumes are awesome. No kids in hockey masks or freddy kreuger masks. No cheap scares like chainsaws. Top notch from the 1st room to the last. Definitely too scary for kids....and a lot of adults

    Posted 10/9/13

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  • Scared to death


    Posted 10/14/12

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  • Best night out with fun friends!

    My friends and I were looking for something to do and stumbled upon State Scare's website. We went to the haunted house, and I have to say, this was the best one I have ever been too. I have been to others and this one has highs and lows that are so unexpected. Each room surprises you with something different. I love how interactive they make it with real actors who play along with your reactions and responses. It is well worth the money for the thrill you get, even though $20 didn't seem that bad to me. But a lady suggested that the store next door had coupons. So we got them. It was a memorable experience and I will definitely go back. I really recommend it. When I came out, someone had mentioned that someone had just peed their pants, lol! That should give you a good indication of the "Scare" factor. Thanks for the great night, State Scare!!! I'll be back! :)

    Posted 10/10/12

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  • we have been realy realy dark and thescare factor is so high here

    the high scare factor is very high lots of screams so much fun youll cry

    Posted 10/17/11

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