Brighton Asylum

  • 2 Brighton Avenue
  • Passaic, NJ
  • 201-716-2827
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2013 Haunt of the Year Winner
2012 Haunt of the Year Winner
Brighton Asylum is New Jersey's ONLY "year round" haunted attraction with events not only throughout October, but throughout the year. Hollywood style sets, Face Off quality costumes, and horror movie style scares make up this interactive haunted attraction experience. All new for 2014 with a new high octane ending!

Unlike some haunted attraction venues that have low square footage with multiple attractions to give the illusion of a better value, Brighton Asylum provides a true 13,000 square foot haunted attraction experience plus a queue line experience you will not find at many of your local haunts. You don't just "wait" to get in at Brighton Asylum. You take part in tons of entertainment you won't see at other haunts: Zombie paintball, horror movies, food and merchandise vendors, stilt walkers, sliders, queue line performers, scare actors, and so much more. Don't just wait on a part of the entertainment!

Brighton Asylum is all indoors and is not subject to the weather. We are open rain or shine. All queue lines are outdoors and are weather protected. In the event of rain, don't worry, we've got you covered!

We have parking available for your convenience. In the event our parking lot is full to capacity, there is plenty of street parking on Grunwald, Sade, Walnut, Ann, and others which are within walking distance of Brighton Asylum. You can also type "Brighton Asylum" right into the navigation on your smart phone or iPhone and you will be directed right to the back of our building where the entrance is located.

Tickets are available for purchase at the door or on-line in advance. A separate window at the ticket booth is used just for advanced ticket scanning, saving you time. For complete information, directions, FAQ, photo gallery, videos and so much more, visit us on-line at

Scroll through our dozens of photos here on and see all the amazing detail, sets, characters, and customer photos! We have more photos posted than any haunt on the site! Teaser photos of even more new sets and characters coming August 2014.

*Note: Oct. 23, and 30 are special "contact" events and require a specific ticket which can be purchased directly through our website. These events require a waiver. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent/legal guardian. ONLY these 2 nights have an age minimum/waiver requirement. Email Haunt Owner
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Hours of Operation: Please visit our website for hours, which can be different on each night of operation.

Available Discounts: $5.00 off coupon available on our website for either download (for purchasing "at the door") or for discount with on-line purchase

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Event last updated 79 days ago. Please confirm dates on haunt website before you go.
All photos and videos within this listing are the property of Brighton Asylum
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Recent Reviews

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  • Excellent !!!

    From start to finish, I definitely recommend the haunt ! The details to the way to the actors look to the props are amazing - have been to a few of the other larger area haunts and this is by far the best !

    Posted 10/12/14
  • SO FUN - Actors were awesome

    So much fun...It was a long wait but that's of course due to it's popularity. Actors walk around during line though and even scare you when you use their bathrooms haha it was fun... the scenes were so cool, liked how it was detailed, would of been cool if they added more to it, overall it was creepy & we had a good time The owner was such a sweetheart btw!

    Posted 10/11/14
  • Alright but still good

    The haunt itself was like I said alright it wasn't the worst nor the best either it was scary don't get me wrong one particular memory was well not to spoil anything but I was totally frightened by the girl with her bed on the wall!! But you need to see how you like it ????

    Posted 10/9/14
  • will def be back again for their other events ! Lines were a bit long but worth it in my opinion!

    Posted 10/22/13
  • must go to this haunt!

    The entire haunt from start to finish is anything but a disappointment. Very well put together and decorated, and the actors were phenomenal. Scary and intense from start to finish. Definitely had my heart racing! If you haven't been there yet this season you must go!! Can't wait to go back for the 13 haunted events!!

    Posted 10/21/13
  • amazing!!!

    i highly recommend checking this out!!! definitely worth going out to!! great job guys! i will be back!!

    Posted 10/21/13
  • definitely an amwesome time

    My friends and i loved it every part of the haunt it was great the detail was perfect the actors were amazing definitely coming back for every other event!!!

    Posted 10/21/13
  • Sadly underwhelmed

    For all the rave reviews I was a little disappointed with Brighton. Long lines are to be expected at any high profile haunt and the line warmers did an EXCELLENT job. However, the rest of the haunt was more schizophrenic than the patients inside and not in a good way. One minute your being tormented by a mental patient and the next you're in a cave? catacomb? wasn't entirely sure what it was. The scenes that you do see are well done and the actors do a decent job with a few scares specifically standing out. No spoilers but the chair totally surprised us. Sadly a handful of decent scares wasn't enough to really work for us. I haven't been to any of the seasonal events that Brighton puts on throughout the year, this review is for the basic haunt. I do plan to come back and try some of the seasonal events. Hoping next time works out better.

    Posted 10/21/13
  • WOW!!!

    went on friday the 13th and came back again last night. this is hands down the best haunt I have EVER been to. there makeup looks like its from face off, the room detail is amazing, and their attraction is packed with actors. i dont know who the one guy outside was with the one eye (awesome costume by the way) but he knew my name!!!! We will be back for Christmas!!

    Posted 10/20/13
  • Soooo intense!!!...I

    This place is SO INTENSE...I wanna be there...EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!

    Posted 10/11/13
  • awesome

    There were a ton of people waiting to get in, the line was a little rough, but sooooooooo worth it. Best haunt ive experienced hands down!!!

    Posted 9/16/13

    We had an amazing time this year! My mother and I have been going for years now and they never seem to disappoint! I brought my boyfriend this year for the first time and he screamed more than I did! We all loved it and it was an awesome experience! CAN'T WAIT TILL OCTOBERS FUN! Thank you Brighton asylum!!

    Posted 9/16/13

    I have been going to haunted houses since the early 80's so I consider myself a pretty good critic. By far this is the best haunt in new jersey. The scenery looks like it came right out of a horror movie, the actors are excellent and the makeup and costumes are all custom designed and made. Not from your neighborhood halloween store. They also have some really unique ideas that are not in most haunted attractions. Scared the crap out of me and thats pretty hard to do. Good going guys. See you in October and for the 13 haunts.

    Posted 9/16/13
  • Brighton Asylum Rocks!

    Opening night was awesomely fantastic! Great crowd (it was jammed packed with people but very orderly and super friendly)...phenomenal actors (the way they popped up unexpectedly added to fun) and the asylum itself kicked @$$! Loved the suspense/thrill factor (you NEVER knew who would come out and at what time). From the moment you arrive until the time you leave, your senses are on high alert! There's always a surprise around the corner! Brighton Asylum: Haunted Attraction rocks!

    Posted 9/16/13
  • Friday the 13th

    Although the line was was well worth the wait. OMG, I was so scared. Can't wait for October. I also bought a ticket for the 13 haunts.

    Posted 9/15/13
  • Something more to do throughout the YEAR and SHARE MEMORIES

    What is there to say BRIGHTON ASYLUM is this years top place to go. If you are looking for a good scare, de-stress from stress, a lot of laughs with friends. This is the place for you. I went there with family we both agreed that getting a good scare will make you feel younger and de-stressed. If its hard for you to stand on a long line here are some IDEAS when they get close have your group call you and you get out of car and go online, or pay extra and go on the express line. Plus now they have more scares throughout the year give that holiday a twists Get out of the normal routine. It is so worth the memories and something to share with others. But one thing DONT do is be online and let your friends come online where you are I saw that and thought ok I am here waiting and here is 7 people just showing up skipping the line. Think of those behind you waiting like you are.

    Posted 9/15/13
  • Incredible Job !!!!

    Myself being in Halloween retail business for 25 years went to check out Brighton Asylumon Friday the 13th perfect night to open and was shocked at the job they do to detail and actors were great !!! so at the end of the event i went and purchased tickets for my self and 2 friends to bring back for the 13 event package and will be looking forward to seeing my friends reactions as they go through it ..AGAIN INCREDIBLE JOB BRIGHTON ASYLUM!!!

    Posted 9/15/13
  • Best Haunted Attraction

    I got to attend on Friday the 13th and I must say that Brighton Asylum continues to scare me year after year!! The set and actors are always changing and never dull. I always try different haunted attractions every year but Brighton Asylum is the only one I return to on a regular basis. As I walk through the attraction I can't help but scream and then admire their attention to detail and creativity. I also think it's awesome to see the horror movie items they have on display. Looking forward to checking out the other year long attractions that are available! !!

    Posted 9/15/13
  • Brighton Asylum - the best haunt that exists to this day.

    This is by far my favorite place to go because they're open for multiple events all year 'round and they really put a lot of time and effort into their events. I've gone every year now and this year I won a pass to attend all 13 events for 2013. They are super accomodating and really care about their customers. They even have facebook contests when u feel like ur part of the team because they care what u think! The haunts are scary as hell and jm not easily scared. Theres always something new to see when u go there and if u have to wait on line, don't worry - I'd camp out over night to get into their haunts.. hats how amazing they are! Definitely worth purchasing the 13 events pass for $99. That's by far the cheapest and best deal that exists. I love this place and I can't wait to experience the next 12 events with them this year!!!!!!

    Posted 9/15/13
  • Fantastic haunt!!!

    I was there for the Friday the 13th opening and over 1000 people showed up at least! Sounds like the SAD reviewer was upset about the line. The wait was rough but the haunt was just plain awesome. We'll definitely be back!

    Posted 9/15/13
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