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Nightmare At Gravity Hill - Cicconi Farms

  • 1005 Farmingdale Rd.
  • Jackson, NJ
  • 732 703-4198
Average Review
  (20 reviews)
Scare Factor
Very Scary
Appropriate For
Adults and teenagers. Not recommended for children under 13.
Organization Type
Commercial / For Profit
Listing Categories
Haunted Houses, Haunted Hay Rides, Zombie Hunts & Shootouts, Spook Walks / Haunted Trails, Pumpkin Patches, Halloween Festivals & Parades, Other Events, Scream Parks
More Info
Outdoor Event(s), Free Parking
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2 Awards Received

2 Awards Received

Have you heard of the tale of Gravity Hill in Jackson?

There’s a road where if you stop your car, shift it in neutral, the car will mysteriously be pushed up hill by an unknown force. The story behind Gravity Hill goes back into Jackson’s dark past, from a time when Jackson’s number one tourism draw was the countless acres of wooded forest and secluded fields frequented by New York and North Jersey’s mafia kingpins of the forties and fifties. You see, back then, Jackson was a notorious drop off point for those who had “conflicts of interest” with organized crime syndicates. Those who owed money earned a one way ticket to the Pine Barrens.

Another story of Gravity Hill revolves around a young girl being brutally murdered in the 19th century in a home near Gravity Hill which is adjacent to Cicconi Farms. Why does your car mysteriously get pushed up hill? Some say that the ghost of the girl’s father pushes cars up the hill to take them away from the danger where his daughter was brutally murdered. Some people even say that if you sprinkle baby powder on the trunk of your car, when you get to the top of Gravity Hill, you will see hand prints in the dust.

The story of Gravity Hill actually goes back much further and rises from the dead as one of New Jersey’s largest terror walks. This is no hayride and is not for the faint of heart. The walk brings visitors close and personal with the Haunted past. Dare to step through the village Gates at Gravity Hill you will be Terrorized by an army of Ghouls, Zombies and the Macabre.

You Can’t Wake From This Nightmare!
This is definitely not a hayride !

Also Check Out Zombie Zone Paintball!!
The Apocalypse has descended upon Gravity Hill.
Harmony and Civility are no longer in order, Chaos and Mayhem rule the night. Gravity Hill is now the land of Zombies and Evil Deeds! The few healthy residents that remain are deep in hiding, they are looking for brave souls to rid their streets of these evil vermin. Do you have what it takes? Is your aim steady under pressure? Help Save the residents of Gravity Hill !

How do you experience Zombie Paintball you ask?
Are you ready to enter the Zombie Paintball Zone? Prepare yourself for two extraordinary rounds of Zombie Paintball fun. The recruit (you) blasts away from a post at live zombies in an apocalyptic city and in the Gravity Hill Chemical Company’s toxic warehouse where the Evil all began! Do you have what it takes to rid the building of its vermin spawn . What you need to know - We provide state of the art paintball equipment, paintballs and zombies, you will not need to wear padded protective equipment, you will not get shot – you provide the deadly aim and courage! Email Haunt Owner
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Hours of Operation: Nightmare at Gravity Hill Haunt
Ticket Sales Friday and Saturday Dusk till 11pm.
Sunday Dusk till 9 pm. Haunt is open till last person screams.

Zombie Zone Paintball
Friday and Saturday Dusk till 11pm. Closed Sunday.

Admission Costs: Nightmare at Gravity Hill Haunt - $20 per person.
Save $5.00 off admission opening weekend Sept. 18 & 19th only $15 per person.

Zombie Zone Paintball - $10 per person.

Text ZOMBIE to 95577 to receive our latest specials, promotions and updates.
Std txt messing rates apply.

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Event last updated 0 days ago. Please confirm dates on haunt website before you go.
All photos and videos within this listing are the property of Nightmare At Gravity Hill - Cicconi Farms
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Recent Reviews

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  • expect the unexpected

    My boyfriend and I just went to Gravity Hill for the first time. The line was pretty long so we got the express pass for $10 extra. I highly recommend getting the express pass because it is worth it and you don't have to wait! It took about 40 minutes to walk through, it was by far the best attraction we have ever been to. You never know what is coming next, i wouldn't bring any kids under the age of 13. At the end we actually met the owner and he was interested in our opinion, great guy. I highly recommend it!!!!!! We will be back next year for sure.

    Posted 10/26/14

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    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

  • Very Scary!!!

    We went last night and it was awesome. The line to wait was long but they showed movies while we waited. The walk through was really good and extremely scary. Would definitely go back!!

    Posted 10/26/14

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  • Great Haunt

    Loved the haunt. Very Scary

    Posted 10/24/14

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  • nice job

    I have been hearing about Nightmare at Gravityhill from a lot of my friends this Fall. I LOVE anything haunted and figured I needed to give it a try, My Husband and I went last Sunday, we were blown away!! I recommend everyone try this haunt, you will not be disappointed.

    Posted 10/23/14

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  • One of the best, very scary

    My girlfriend and i went on saturday with a group of friends, the line was pretty long when we got there at 8, but it got longer as the night went on, it was ok though, they had a scary movie playing, lots of great food as well. once we got in-it got even better, each scene got scarier and scarier, the scenes were realy cool, and the actors were very intense, we left in a sweat. We will be back again next week.

    Posted 10/22/14

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  • if this is best..id hate to see worst.

    The cheesy gardening felt walls made it seem like a highschool production.we waited in a long line and expected it was cause they have to space out the groups.Well about halfway in people were in front and in back of us.It felt like a fieldtrip. Instead of a haunted trail.Will not be returning any time soon.

    Posted 10/19/14

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  • So much better then expected!!

    At first I didn't expect this to be that great..wow I was wrong. I came out with my two friends with pounding headaches from running and screaming so much(in a good way). The scenes were so amazing with detail, props, decor..very well done, I APPRECIATE THAT IT WAS DECENTLY LONG. It wasn't short which some can be which is a rip off, this was perfectly lengthly with the amount of different 'scenes'..I loved how it was different and changed to new scenes so you didn't expect what's next - Actors were so into it! Deff check this haunt out for a fun night!

    Posted 10/11/14

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  • You're missing out if you don't attend this haunt!

    Nightmare at Gravity Hill is easily the most rewarding haunt I've been to. I didn't know what to expect at first but the second I walked through the gate I felt my heart drop to my toes and I was wondering what I got myself into. I wish I would've went sooner because I can't believe how entertaining and scary this haunt truly was. 10/10!!

    Posted 9/21/14

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  • Amazing sets and actors! Scary fun time! Yound adult and older

    I happily compare this to Universal Studios Haunted Houses!! The amount of sets and themes that Gravity Hill set up is amazing. From a western town, to a graveyard, to a 3D barn! Crazy toxic farmers, an Egyptian pyramid and my favorite a body farm! No expense spared! The actors were high energy and caught us a few times! Easily my favorite attraction this year.

    Posted 10/31/13

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  • Was Pleasantly Surprised!

    Staff and set design was comparable to that of Universal Studios' House of Horrors. Staff make-up and costumes were impeccable and high-energy. Not only that, they were extremely unpredictable, I never get scared at these things, but they got me three times. This is not for the squeamish nor for those younger than 13 years of age. It was great and who puts an entire pyramid in the middle of the maze? Awesome and highly recommended. I definitely recommend this over either Casola Farms and Corner of Terror. Very happy with the 3-D farmhouse and Wild West beginning.

    Posted 10/26/13

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  • I went through with my friends this past weekend and it was amazing! I've never experienced something so scary in my whole entire life! I would definantly reccomand goin here. Their scenes and actors are phenomenal, I almost peed myself multiple times. You can tell they put in hard work and dedication by the little details. I will defiantly be returning this weekend! Fantastic job guys!

    Posted 10/24/12

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  • Must see

    My family and I went sunday night. hands down the best one we went to this year .great job

    Posted 10/23/12

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  • great

    it was a great walk through. I went with 4 people who dont get scared by most hayrides and walk throughs all of us actually got scared throughout the walk through. it was a decent length walk took about 40 minutes very interactive and awsome props. the only down fall was that certain points you walked too long without props or anyone jumping out at you. this was the best walk through i have been too in a long time. so worth the $20. however it would be bettter if they offered more than just the walk through. maybe a hayride next year

    Posted 10/6/12

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  • Worth the Wait!

    We waited 2 hours! Even the wait was entertaining. From beginning to end it kept us on our toes. Unbelievable detailed elaborate scenes. It wasn't one of those typical cheesy haunts.The actors seem to love what they do and really gave 100% to their character. Very professional! The cemetary scence will crazy especially the crazy zombie that crawled around by me feet. Worth the wait and the money and would go back in a heart beat! Oh yeah...one more thing...afterwards I stopped by the refreshment stand and there was an 18 guy that didn't complete the haunt because he was so freaked out....they had to get security to come and pick him up....the poor guy was so embarassed....it was funny!!!!!

    Posted 10/3/12

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  • Nightmare on Gravity Hill was the best

    We went the first night it was open and we didn't know what to expect. Well we have the best night if our lives. We just had to go back. So we gathered up some more people and we all went back the next night. And we plan on going again.

    Posted 10/3/12

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  • awesome

    Best haunted trail I ever been through..going back every week..thanks for scaring my pants off guys..and gals..

    Posted 10/3/12

    Was this review helpful? YES NO

  • The best one that I been to in the last 10 years

    Posted 10/3/12

    Was this review helpful? YES NO

  • Original, best haunted attraction in NJ!

    This is my second year of going to Nightmare At Gravity Hill. Not only did this memorable, unique haunted attraction manage to improve even more from last year, but it also managed to successfully introduce two members of my group who have never really been to any haunted attractions before to the fun that you can have in the fall. We'll be sure to return next year and tell others about this place. What makes this event stand out even more is the fact that it only allows one group in after enough time to allow the previous group to be completely alone in the attraction, the scenes are different from other haunted attractions, and the actors are very into their job. Overall, this attraction is definitely worth visiting and should definitely be on the Travel Channel and reviewed by YouTube's OCTOBERPANIC!

    Posted 10/3/12

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  • Loved it!

    One of the best haunts around, great scenes and terrific actors. Very scary and startling, I loved it. I will be going every year from now on, well worth my $20.

    Posted 10/3/12

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  • Nightmare At Gravity Hill

    The best haunted walk through I have ever been on, Well worth the admission fee. My wife and kids went to Fright Fest at Six Flags the very next night and were not impressed because Gravity Hill blew it away.

    Posted 10/3/12

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