BANE Haunted Attraction

  • 630 West Mount Pleasant Ave/Route 10 West
  • Livingston, NJ
  • 973-369-7677
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Bane is rated as a PG-13 attraction therefore our event is recommended for children 13 and up. Anyone under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
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Commercial / For Profit
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2013 Haunt of the Year Nominee
2012 Haunt of the Year Nominee

Looking for the scare of your life? Do you want to have an adrenaline rush unlike any other? Then come and test your boundaries of fear at BANE, NJ's scariest and most interactive haunted attraction. BANE has now moved to a bigger and better location for the 2014 season. We are now proud to announce that BANE will be located in the old Katherine Gibbs College on Route 10 West in Livingston NJ! BANE has expanded from 17,000 square feet to a brand spanking new 40,000 square foot space and we're bringing the heat! Get ready for a brand new, crazier, scarier, and even more interactive haunted attraction that is guaranteed to knock your socks off!!!

But beware as you enter for little Jennifer Bane is awaiting your arrival... and...... she's HUNGRY!!!! Email Haunt Owner
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Hours of Operation: 7pm-11pm Oct 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th, 23rd, 30th, and Nov. 1st. 7pm-10pm Oct 5th,12th, 19th and 26th 7pm-12am Oct 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th, 31st Every Sunday from 3pm-5pm is Happily Haunted

Admission Costs: $22 for General Admission $35 for VIP $8 for Happily Haunted - every Sunday from 3pm-5pm for anyone 12 and under.

Available Discounts: $2.00 off with coupon printed through webstie

- event open dates

Event last updated 4 days ago. Please confirm dates on haunt website before you go.
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  • Awesome!

    Very scary was absolutely amazing! They did such and amazing job with make upand sets! Cant wait for next year!

    Posted 10/24/14
  • Very good job

    This was a great time. Not for the faint of hart. It was actually rather scary to be honest.

    Posted 10/24/14
  • Run for your life

    Awesome, I go to a different haunted house every weekend, every October for past 3 years. This is hands down the best one. You get separated from your friends in some spots, locked in a crate and wheeled around and chased and actually touched by some of the monsters. It was totally awesome.

    Posted 10/24/14
  • Run for your life

    Awesome, I go to a different haunted house every weekend, every October for past 3 years. This is hands down the best one. You get separated from your friends in some spots, locked in a crate and wheeled around and chased and actually touched by some of the monsters. It was totally awesome.

    Posted 10/24/14
  • Awesome

    I've been to numerous haunted houses over the years and this is hands down the best. The only one I've ever been to that actually scared me. You get separated from the people you're with in some spots, locked into crates and chased by and actually touched by monsters, I went last year and the year before and it's gotten even better

    Posted 10/24/14

    There was a little girl next to me and the scarer pushed her up against the wall and yelled at her as she screamed "mercy" to get out. it was a good scare but i thought it was a little too rough. make sure you make up your mind before you go in because you do not want to waste your money if you chicken out in the beginning. experienced haunted housers come! and if you have seperatio anxiety don't go because YOU WILL BE SEPERATED AND WILL BE ALONE AT ONE POINT!

    Posted 10/24/14
  • Great house!!!!

    This is one of the scariest haunted houses I have been to. I went last night. Loved the nuns makeup and the clowns makeup! Loved the interactiveness.

    Posted 10/20/14
  • Awesome experience!!

    Went last night and had an incredible time. Dark, creepy, spooky, terrifying, you name it!! The room with the clowns had my girlfriend hysterical. There's also a room that I am pretty sure had escaped mental patients spinning you in boxes. Overall, the perfect Halloween experience.

    Posted 10/20/14
  • Freak'en Awesome

    My boyfriend (AL) suprised me on friday 10/17/14. I have always wanted to do this. One thing on my bucket. This was the greated thing. I absolutely love it. Cant wait to go back.

    Posted 10/20/14
  • Amazing!

    I was very scared. They use a variety of techniques and interactive was to their advantage. The nuns and clowns makeup was superb! Definitely will come again.

    Posted 10/20/14
  • Best one ever

    This place is great!!! it will scare the hell out of you. It you are looking for a haunted house that's not scary go to church.

    Posted 10/19/14

    It's completely worth it! The price is awesome! Everything is very well put together! You will get separated from your group which makes it more thrilling! Definitely would recommend this to anyone! The staff is very professional! The actors inside the place really took their roles serious which was awesome! Did not expect it to be the way it was I completely thought it was going to be a walk through and that's it but no it was more like a challenge trying to get it! Anyone going have a great time I sure did!

    Posted 10/19/14

    So I dropped my phone while crawling in this box thing and they found it and that's why I'm giving this place a 5/5 but honestly u won't stay with your group you get seperated then you hug the 1st person you see doesn't matter if you know them so it's an opourtuinty to make friends

    Posted 10/19/14
  • A Living Horror Movie

    Bane Haunted House is one of the scariest things you will ever experience. The things you encounter and have to do inside are insane. This isn't just a casual walk down a dark hall as a robot zombie goes "boo", Bane is 100% live actors. Every twist and turn presents you with a new haunting scenario that will make you tremble in fear. The rooms are very diverse and offer plenty of horrifying encounters with zombies, mutants, clowns, and other mysterious creatures. Throughout the haunt you will feel like you have been transported into a horror movie where you and your friends have been trapped in a house full of psychopathic zombies who are eager to test your limits of fear. As you descend deeper and deeper into the house you will uncover the horrifying secrets and experiments hidden away by the once normal Bane Family... You may even come across little Jennifer Bane, who happens to have a bad habit of devouring human corpses...

    Posted 10/18/14
  • Unholy SCHNIKES!!

    Well, I think I peed a little last night halfway through the Bane Haunted House. Without giving away too many spoilers, I will say if you are looking to be scared and ride an adrenaline wave for 30 minutes, this is worth every penny. The place is huge and very well run. Even though the line ahead of us was long, we moved through it extremely fast. (The same length line at Six Flags would have taken over an hour). Some of the ghouls and zombies are incredibly realistic and frightening. It's one thing to watch THE WALKING DEAD on TV and think, "Oh, that's not that scary". Well, when you're in a dark tight hallway and something is shuffling towards you moaning, drooling and bleeding, trust me: You pee a little. Job well done, Bane!

    Posted 10/18/14
  • Too scary for younger people

    Most haunted house I have been to let groups go in together. So the 1st person gets scared but the rest just plod on through. At Bane they want to scare you so it is only two at a time and you will be seperated. Me and my friend did find each other so it was not too bad. They said you can be touched and I was. It was not in a hard way but more the hand in the dark to startle you. At one point I was lost in a maze and an actor turned me around pointed me in the right direction while staying in character. The only down side is that my younger brother and his friend bailed very early. It was too much for them. Someone said they do have a less scary times from 3-5 on Sunday so I will bring them back then. All and all I had a great time and got startled many times. If you get scared very easily then this is not the place for you.

    Posted 10/18/14
  • Insanley the Best

    This haunt has it going on. It has been a very long time since I have screamed more then once through a haunt. My heart really worked today and my lungs lol. I love the different random things they make you do as well as seperate you from whom your with. We definitely go again maybe even next weekend. Thank you Banes for bringing the scare back to haunted attractions!

    Posted 10/18/14
  • Best Haunted House EVER.

    We bought two groupons and it was definitely worth it. Great actors and cool scenes, very creepy. I've never been spun around in a box before at a haunted house!

    Posted 10/18/14
  • Best Haunted House

    Traveled from Long Island, one of the best haunted houses I've been too. Will be recommending to my friends definitely!

    Posted 10/18/14
  • Great Haunted House!

    I thought this haunted house was amazing! It was fun yet scary at the same time. Many different scenes and actors throughout, yes you do get separated, but not for long. If you do not like dark places, tight places, or being touched DO NOT GO! But if your okay with those things, it's a very exciting experience. Definitely recommend!!

    Posted 10/17/14
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