BANE Haunted Attraction

  • 630 West Mount Pleasant Ave/Route 10 West
  • Livingston, NJ
  • 973-369-7677
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Bane is rated as a PG-13 attraction therefore our event is recommended for children 13 and up. Anyone under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
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2013 Haunt of the Year Nominee
2012 Haunt of the Year Nominee

Looking for the scare of your life? Do you want to have an adrenaline rush unlike any other? Then come and test your boundaries of fear at BANE, NJ's scariest and most interactive haunted attraction. BANE has now moved to a bigger and better location for the 2014 season. We are now proud to announce that BANE will be located in the old Katherine Gibbs College on Route 10 West in Livingston NJ! BANE has expanded from 17,000 square feet to a brand spanking new 40,000 square foot space and we're bringing the heat! Get ready for a brand new, crazier, scarier, and even more interactive haunted attraction that is guaranteed to knock your socks off!!!

But beware as you enter for little Jennifer Bane is awaiting your arrival... and...... she's HUNGRY!!!! Email Haunt Owner
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Hours of Operation: 7pm-11pm Oct 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th, 23rd, 30th, 31st and Nov. 1st. 7pm-10pm Oct 5th,12th, 19th and 26th 7pm-12am Oct 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th Halloween - Happily Haunted and Trick or Treating from 3pm-5pm Every Sunday from 3pm-5pm is Happily Haunted

Admission Costs: $22 for General Admission $35 for VIP $8 for Happily Haunted - every Sunday from 3pm-5pm for anyone 12 and under.

Available Discounts: $2.00 off with coupon printed through webstie

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Event last updated 28 days ago. Please confirm dates on haunt website before you go.
All photos and videos within this listing are the property of BANE Haunted Attraction
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  • pleasantly surprised

    I thought this place was going to be cheesy when we arrived but honestly it was pretty darn good. People said they had their glowsticks taken away but that didn't happen to our group. I kinda wished it did because my girl would've flipped. But yeah this place was really good Def going back.

    Posted 11/6/14
  • Great Job

    Went for lights out night, it was great. They really mean lights out, it was dark but we loved it. My Glowstick was taken from me but they didn't take my boyfriends. I thought that part made it even more scary. It was definitely longer than most haunted houses. Looking forward to coming back! Great job.

    Posted 11/6/14
  • love it!!

    I went last night to Bane and I had one of the best experiences there! I went with my uncle and we spent a little while together before we were separated by the boxes. We did meet up right after going through them and then we were re-separated by one other obstacle and finally met up again in the church, although he was called to go through the portal first and I waited in the church to be called for what felt as though forever. That sort of bothered me; he was out of the haunted house around 20 minutes before me. I managed to make the best out of that part though by interacting with the actors and I found it pretty amusing. If you seem friendly and starting talking normally to them they will give you a ton of sass, hence what happened to me haha. You do have to be careful about not accidentally going thru the wrong door out of the attraction, which happened to me once but I was let back into the house by one of the workers and another actor led me the right way. Honestly, this was one of the best haunted houses I've been too and I regret going so late in the season! Definitely going back next year. Multiple times.

    Posted 11/2/14
  • Fun to die for

    Was the most absolutely amazing Haunted anything I have ever been to in my life!! Job well done to everyone involved in making it happen!

    Posted 11/1/14
  • scary thieves

    The haunted house was put together really well, the scenery was definitely the best part. The actors were good with the exception of a few who seemed to hate their jobs and were just plain boring and rude. Don't buy the glowsticks, they charge you for them and then the actors take them right out of your hands and do not give them back. Personally I don't think they should charge you for something they don't let you keep. For all the money they're making, they sure are being cheap. It was fun, but not as scary as I thought it would be. I wouldn't recommend it to my friends or go back.

    Posted 11/1/14
  • had alot of fun

    it was one of the best haunted houses I have been to in a while. the two complaints I had was the fact that the makeup was poorly done and when some girl yelled mercy they would not let her go. DO NOT GO IF YOU HAVE SEPERATION ANXIETY,A FEAR OF TIGHT SPACES, AND IF YOU ARE RELIGOUS(YOU'LL SEE WHAT I MEAN.)

    Posted 11/1/14
  • OK

    I was very very very scared while waiting in line for this attraction. I heard the screams and yelps of the people inside the attraction and I was ready to quit. one complaint I had was the line was too damn long. I was waiting there for like 2 hours. in the haunted house their are a lot of pop up scares that I got used to after a while. at first I was scared but when I looked closely at the people in the haunted house the makeup looked really bad. they didn't put much effort into it. if you don't want to be separated don't go in. you get separated 3 times throughout the attraction. You also might be offended during the satanic church service if you are very religious. I did not find this that scary because of the bad makeup but the separation and small spaces really got me. if was a great haunted house (my first one) and I recommend it

    Posted 11/1/14

    Bane is the best haunted house ever! SOOOOOO SCARY!!!!!!

    Posted 11/1/14
  • Very Scary!

    You will be separated from your friends if you come in a group of three. It was really scary but it was a fun experience for my friends and I. You will be scared if you go, just saying.

    Posted 11/1/14
  • So scary it has to be illegal

    This place is freaking awesome like I loved it I came out crying. Even the toughest people will pee on theirselves. The actors are amazing

    Posted 11/1/14
  • Awesome

    Second time I went to Bane and it was 10 times more scary than the first time I went.

    Posted 10/30/14
  • best haunt

    drove from poconos! we have nothing like this up there. was scared to death. my family loved it!

    Posted 10/28/14
  • Freakin' scary as hell....

    Awesome. Totally Awesome. Do not bring the faint of heart. I watched a few people have panic attacks & leave the bldg. They will escort you out if its to much for you. Last night (Sund) there were long lines for a Sund. so be patient as only 2 go at a time but worth waiting for. The actors are awesome. Scary as hell. The girl in room with all the pipes last night scared the living hello out of me. Awesome scare & awesome time....

    Posted 10/27/14
  • Scary Scary Scary.... Worth the wait

    Looong lines but worth the wait. It is an awesome place. Do not try to take pictures. Your phone will be taken away. One of the rules. Follow them all if you know what's good for you. Actors are awesome. Last night the girl in boiler room scared the living hell out of me & then followed me up ramp & stayed in character the whole time. She got me good. Great scare. Well worth it!! :-)

    Posted 10/27/14
  • I kept losing my balance

    Ok we went last night the line was long but I had a great time I kept fallin lol the guy @ the end yelled at me and all I know I was on the floor lol the clowns were funny is hell my daughter said mercy when we was in the church lol I had fun will tell all my friends good for Halloween

    Posted 10/26/14
  • Had too much fun!!

    This place was awesome!! It was very scary and we had a great time! My friend lost his keys and some how in the dark they found them! We cant wait to come back in November.

    Posted 10/26/14
  • totally worth checking out

    I would definitely recommend this place to my friends. My tips to fellow people 1- do not wear sandals only shoes. And make sure your laces are tight otherwise when you suddenly stop to tie your shoe laces you will have dark creatures yelling at you move move move move lol ( this happened to me) 2- buy tickets online. Or be prepared to Stand in cold for long time. The line doesn't move fast in weekends. 3- be prepared to face your fears alone. You will be doing things alone. Not always though. Don't worry it's fun:p 4- do not run, you will hurt yourself. 5- seriously people as a parent I am requesting you, try not bringing your 7 year old or even 10 to this. 12 year old is better age for this. If you want to bring them then try the 3 to 5 pm on Sundays. 6- it's going to be dark so carefully chose your path don't end up exiting by mistake. Some people ended up choosing wrong door. 7- have fun don't quit no matter what:-) 8- should you get scared or can't move fast let others pass. Just don't quit. You don't want to be in tiny room with 6 people lolol. My request to bane haunted house: 1- first of all congrats on this idea. Totally awesome. I might not have screamed once as I am a tough cookie but you played my fear of tight space to the best. I did have a moment of panic attack lolol. 2- can you please make this attraction longer. Only reason is people who get scared which is majority of them, tend to slow down which is ok but then next thing you know there are like 6 of us in tiny room. Hahahaha. You cannot force people to go fast, because they want to do this, it's just that they are shit scared lolol. So please please make this bigger and badder:p

    Posted 10/26/14
  • Very scary and well done

    Staff was rude and didn't listen, otherwise great attraction and very realistic and frightening

    Posted 10/25/14
  • Terrifying & Fun

    Went last night and it was insane. Line was long but expected that. It moved pretty quickly though. Really cool set up. very professional. Even the big tattooed guy out front scared us. Some really creepy zombies and monsters inside. had fun and recommend it.

    Posted 10/25/14
  • Awesome!

    Very scary was absolutely amazing! They did such and amazing job with make upand sets! Cant wait for next year!

    Posted 10/24/14
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