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Creepy 1890 Talking Doll By Thomas Edison and Other Spooky Items to See in New Jersey

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Spooky items are going up on display for you to see this Halloween season at the Thomas Edison National Historic Park. One of Thomas Edison’s most creepy inventions, the 1890 Talking Doll is part of the collection to see.

The 1890 Talking Doll used a miniature phonograph to give voice to the doll and it was only on the market for one month. After finding the phonograph was too fragile for children’s play, it was removed from the doll to complete the sale of what was already produced.

Failing as a talking doll back then, in today’s times the sound of the talking doll may very well bring more fright than play to a child’s heart.

Video: PBS NewsHour

Eight of the original recordings in the Edison Talking Doll have been digitized and are available for listening. Check out the frightful sounds of this creepy 1890 Talking Doll for yourself at this link. There’s “Twinkle, twinkle little star,” “Hickory, dickory, dock,” “Little Jack Horner,” “There was a little girl,” “Now I lay down to sleep,” “Jack and Jill” and several others.

Let us know in the comments below which recording is most horrifying to you!



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